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Please solve the problem regarding CAN on MC9S12DP256

Discussion created by ganguly saurav on Sep 3, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2007 by Daniel Lundin
Hai Sir,
            I am facing a problem in CAN on MC9S12DP256.what my exact problem is that i am getting transmission timed out error when i am trying to transfer data form one DP256 board to another DP256 board .what might be cause for it the problem might be because of jumper settings or what can you please suggest me.I am trying to transfer data form one board to another in that i am able to store data in the tranmit buffer and i wanted to tranmit it and when i wanted to transmit it is showing tranmission timed out error and at the reciever side it is showing receiver buffer empty so the data has not come other side what might be the problem because code wise eevry thing correct i suppose any jumper settings problem in DP256 board or what might cause this problem please sugest me.waiting for help.
#define OSCCLK_FREQ_KHZ           16000      // Oscillator fequency in kHz
#define BUSCLK_FREQ_KHZ             8000       // Bus fequency in kHz
I am using this as my clock frequencies can you please suggest what might be the problem
thanks in advance,