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Achieve a functional hostapd in linux-2.6.35 on a i.mx28 board

Question asked by Xavi García on Jul 7, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2014 by JackLee1z
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Hi all,

This is my first post on this community so i'm going to do a quick description of what i'm working in and what I need to achieve .

The goal is to make an i.mx28 EVK board act as an Access Point, in order to allow mobile phones connect to it as any other AP (and transfer data with an app, the imx28 board has to work as a web-server too, but this is not the point of my problems).

First we thought about using Ad-Hoc for this but I decided not to continue this way, ad-hoc is not an easy (or general) solution, is trickly manage ad-hoc networks with android. This is the reason I thought about make the board work in AP mode.

The resources:

  • The own imx28 board and several usb wifi devices (need to find and cross-compile the drivers, this work is done).
  • It's preferable working on a 2.6.35 linux, but if there is no other way and need to use another linux version, I will change it.
  • I started using Ltib but after some days without obtaining the hostapd running properly... decided to change to Yocto, but I'm newbie with it and have problems including the hostadp package...


The devices I'm using are:




And this is the information table about the chipsets and their drivers.


1 & 2RT5370RT5370STA
1 & 2RT5370RT5572STA


I have finished this first work, the next step is to include the hostapd into the embedded SO and run it using one (or multiple) of the various usb devices I have.


As I said before, I started using Ltib to configure the linux, I'm used to it and it was "easy" to include the hostapd package. The problem was executing it... all the time I found the "nl80211 driver initialization failed" and I have spent lot of time trying fixing it. I have tried several versions of hostapd, installing different versions of libnl, all the usb dongles with their drivers... and no way.

Finally decided trying to work with Yocto instead of Ltib, I thought that maybe it will solve this problem (changing linux version perhaps?).

I've followed these instructions to install Yocto, generate and image (core-image-base) and copy it "$ sudo dd if=fsl-image-gui-imx28dcard of=/dev/sdX bs=1M", but hostapd is not on the sistem.


I have spent some days searching on the web hostapd and yocto and I'm not able to find accurate information about how to install it or how to configure the kernel with Yocto to ahieve my goal.

I have been working in all of this for the last 4 weeks... and visited thousand millions webs before posting this here .


I will appreciate a lot all the help and information that you can contributte here with your answers.