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i.mx53 download failed with windows embedded compact 7

Question asked by 亚楠 石 on Jul 7, 2014

hi all:

now I am facing with a difficult problem with my wince7 debugging: for some need I must complie the debug version of NK and download to my i.mx53 device; at first my release version of NK.nb0 is good to run.

when I finished the debug compiling, I found that there generated 2 NK files: NK.nb0 and NK.nb1; each one is 94M size; and then I found that the config.bib defines the NK_SIZE and address; so I have changed the NK_SIZE to a larger size; the corrospending address I also changed; after a new sysgen there is only one NK file named NK.nb0.


after doing that I download the NK though the MfgTool_1.6.2.0322.exe tool(after modified the ucl.xml); and then I encountered the issue: the i.mx53 device cannot startup normally. the seri-port debug log stops at the boot phase.


Then I tried to resume all the setup and download the original NK.nb0(release version), but the same issue still happens.


Now I am stuck at this and cannot move on my debug work. can anyone help me out of this? The serial-port log is added.

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