Hardy Lee

Mouse Cursor Problem in imx6q Board

Discussion created by Hardy Lee on Jul 6, 2014

We encountered some troubles when using imx6q development board. Can you help us? We want to use imx6q to capture real-time video stream and display on the screen.

The following is our method of operation.

Firstly, we opened capture device “/dev/video0” as input source, and used V4L2 apis to operate it. This code was ported from the  official code “mxc_v4l2_capture.c”.

Then, we opened display device “/dev/video17” as display destination, also used V4L2 apis to operate it too. This code was ported from the official code “mxc_v4l2_output.c”.

At the same time, we used QT as GUI presentation.

As a result, when we ran the application, we can see the GUI and the real-time video, and also we can see the mouse cursor. But when we move the cursor into the video display area, the cursor disappeared.

We analyzed the cause is as following:

imx6q has two layers for display, the video is on fb1(which fsl_disp_property is 2-layer-fb-fg), and QT’s GUI included cursor is on fb0 (which fsl_disp_property is 2-layer-fb-bg). When the mouse cursor is moved to the video display area, video layer covered cursor, so we cannot see the cursor.

  Have we got the right answer? And can anyone of you give us a solution to solve this problem. Thank you very much!