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WEC2013 Display driver bring up issue

Question asked by senthil j on Jul 3, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2015 by Adeneo Engineering Team

We are porting WEC2013 for a Freescale IMX controller. The OS is up and scheduling is fine. We are now developing the display driver based on DDGPE. The driver seems loaded properly and we could successfully bring up the hardware part and test pattern shown in the driver is visible.

But WEC2013 home screen is not visible. We have enabled SYSGEN_MINGDI SYSGEN_MINGWES along with Default Theme and a Screen Configuration (800 x 480 Landscape). DirectDraw(SYSGEN_DDRAW) is also enabled. Tried with enabling / disabling display stub driver too. Still we could not screen the home screen. Anything else is needed?

We also tried running a test window application compiled as a sub-project. Though the application is up and running (based on debug prints), that window is not visible. Should we do anything else?