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how does imx6Q HDMI_HPD affected GIC irq147?

Question asked by Wally Yeh on Jul 3, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2014 by igorpadykov

Hi, All:

    in imx6Q, there is a pin called "HDMI_HPD" which tell imx6 if HDMI cable is attached or not.

and in kernel/driver/video/mxc_hdmi.c, there is a function names "mxc_hdmi_hotplug( )" which will excuted when user plug in/out HDMI cable.


    I wonder how does GIC detect a interrupt by HDMI_HPD pin? edge, or level high/low? If I plugin HDMI and boot(this means no rising or falling edge will happen), the system still enter the mxc_hdmi_hotplug( ).


could someone tell me how GIC got affected by HDMI_HPD pin. thanks.