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FRDM K20D50M I2C alternate channels

Question asked by Christopher Chen on Jul 2, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2014 by Mark Butcher

Hey Freescale community,


I'm using the FRDM K20D50M board along with the Adafruit Motor Shield V2 (an Arduino shield). The shield requires that I send commands using I2C, where SCL is on PTB2 and SDA is on PTB3. After a long time searching through the schematic for the FRDM board, it looks like the board's I2C hardware can go through an alternate channel to reach those pins also, however, I am banging my head against the wall trying to find some sort of documentation about how to set up I2C for alternate channels. I am using Keil MDK-ARM which doesn't have any I2C driver for this board.


Any explanation or links to other posts, documentation, or code would be greatly appreciated.