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AN2295, CFV1, MCGTRM, and P&E Multilink debugger

Question asked by Doug Paulsen on Jul 2, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2014 by TomE

It's difficult to know exactly where to put this query, but here is the problem:  I'm successfully implemented the fabled AN2295 bootloader in a MCF51AC256 project.  I should be satisfied with that, but I found that if I interrupted the bootload while in progress, the AN2295 code would not allow the process to restart following a reset button closure. 


Of course I tried to debug the AN2295 code (it's amazingly compact assembly language - not my current forte) via CW6.3 and a venerable P&E USB Multilink BDM version C debugger, but the debugger consistently looses contact with the target when the code loads the MCGTRM register.  In fact, to get the bootloader to work, the debugger must be disconnected from the target.  Understand, the code works and works well, but without the debugger, it is a burn 'n learn development process.  Did I mention I am going to need to expand the bootloader (currently serial) to accommodate a different input source?  I can't see that happening without the debugger being in the picture.


Does anyone have any experience or thoughts regarding debugging the AN2295 MCF51 bootloader?