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Processor Expert and VLLSx

Question asked by Mark Nordstrand on Jul 1, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2014 by Mark Nordstrand

I'm trying to exit out of VLLS1 on a mk20dn512VLQ10.  Code was generated with CW 10.4.  If the MCG is set up for FEI, the pin for LLWU works as expected.  Switching the MCG to PEE and nothing happens.  From the ref. manual and the Kinetis Low Power Modes manual, I understand the MCG should already be in FEI, so I can see why this is working with little effort.  I did see there is a __init_hardware() in Sources/Cpu.c which looks like it handles the transitions from FEI to PEE.  Tried calling that directly and copying and modifying it to no avail (and setting the ACKISO bit afterwards).  What besides the code in __init_hardware() should be done to get out of VLLS1?