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Mfg Tool U-Boot support

Question asked by Kevin VandenBerge on Jul 1, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2015 by han jiapeng



I'm working on a custom board based around the i.MX6SL processor and I'm looking into using the Freescale Manufacturing Tool to provision new boards for manufacturing.  I was wondering if someone could advise on what versions of U-Boot the Manufacturing Tool supports?  I sort of have a mixed bag going on; I use LTIB to build Linux kernel 3.0.35 and then I manually build (outside of LTIB) U-Boot version 2013.10.


So I guess my question is, does LTIB need to be used to build the Manufacturing Firmware version of U-Boot?  If so, then is 2009.08 the only supported version?


If/when we migrate to Yocto, is there a method for building the Manufacturing Firmware in that environment?