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FRDM-KL25Z Demo Board Example Programs

Question asked by Ed Mana on Jun 28, 2014
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I am trying (unsuccessfully) to get the KL25 demo programs to load to my demo board. I have downloaded them, imported the "helloworld" one into CW. I have built it and I get 2 warnings about variables not used (no biggie). However, when I go to debug, I get the P & E connection assistant pop-up telling me it is trying to use the OpenSDA - USB Port (Which I am plugged into) and below that says "No Device Available".


I do see FRDM-KL25Z as my F: drive on my PC.


Keep in mind that I have been loading the other demo programs outside of CW (the .srec pre-compiled files) with no issue.


Can anyone help? I can't find documentation on proper loading of this and frankly, the demos, are leaving a lot to be desired for such a simple board.