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Newbie problem with CodeWarrior simulating MC9S08FL16

Question asked by David Cawthon on Jun 29, 2014
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I am using the simulator in CW (free edition) in an effort to learn the S08 instruction set.  This seems to work -- mostly.  However, while I'm stepping through my programs I am unable to see values that are pushed into the stack.  I see the stack pointer value changing as pushes and pulls occur, but when I set up a memory monitor pointing at that area of memory, I just see a bunch of zeroes.


The part I'm simulating is the MC9S08FL16.  My assembly programs are very short and simple and are building with no errors.  I'm using the standard initialization code to "LDHX #__SEG_END_SSTACK" and "TXS" and can see that SP is 0x017f in the register view.  I am pointing the memory monitor to 0x0170 since I am fully aware that the stack will grow downward in memory.


Am I doing something wrong here?  Seems like this would be pretty basic functionality.