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Welcome to the Demo Private Support Portal!

Question asked by Stephen Cox Employee on Jun 27, 2014

This is a replica of the private portal experience utilized by customers that purchase Freescale Commercial Support. Please feel free to move about the site and get a sense of the look-and-feel of a Private Support Portal.


By way of high level orientation, the left side bar is principally  dedicated to static information regarding the portal and participants -- sort of a Masthead.


The right sidebar is more dynamic -- offering a dashboard (updated daily) showing the current state of the support relationship, a detailed usage data report, and a variety of participation options (submit a question, upload code, docs, videos...) as well as showing the documents recently uploaded.


The large middle section is where the action really takes place* -- this is where issues and questions are submitted and responded to by Freescale technical experts. You can search existing questions to check if your issue may already have been submitted ... if so, you can jump to that discussion; if not, you can launch a query right from there.


Please enjoy exploring the portal and let your Freescale sales person or FAE know if you have any questions.


* For demonstration purposes, the issues on this demo portal are simulated and there's not provision to add new discussions.