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D4D Screen and Object handling

Question asked by GOWRISHANKAR V on Jun 27, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2014 by GOWRISHANKAR V


I am using k70 120 MHz controller with D4D Ver 3 bare board  software  for developing my GUI interface.


1) While using "D4D_ShowObject()" function for hiding objects the whole screen itself is refreshing/Flashing.

I want  only the paticular portion of the screen to change not the whole screen to refresh. Is this possible .Are there any workarounds to prevent whole screen updating

2)  When i call a popup screen smaller than main screen and then use "D4D_EscapeScreen()" the whole display is refreshing and flashing.

Is it possible to limit the refresh to only the corresponding portion of small popup screen and prevent the whole main screen from flashing.


For example->  I am having a small keypad screen smaller than the main screen as popup in my main screen. When exiting the keypad screen the whole

screen is refreshed where as i want only the keypad screen to disappear .


3)  With this setup it seems that my screen refresh rate is slow.How can i make screen refresh rate faster.