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How to use new downloaded mfgtool?

Question asked by jags gediya on Jun 27, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2016 by Kane Jiang

Hi All,

I have downloaded imx-3.10.17-1.0.0-ga-mfg-tools from freescale site.

I have built images through yocto for imx6sl evk kit.

We have imx6sl evk based custom board and we are using spi nor for booting purpose.

we have booted the board through imx_usb utility and from uboot we have put uboot image to spi flash at 0x400 offset(u-boot.imx) and it is booting u-boot from SPI.

Now i want to put all the images to SPI NOR.(u-boot.imx, uImage, .dtb, and file system, NOR size if 16 MB.)

So i want to use mfgtool from freescale to flash the images to NOR. but as i know we have to first configure the mfgtoolby putting some images to it and then only it will work.


Can anyone please give me directions for how to use mfgtool to flash all the images to spi nor?