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Code Warrior can't open some projects normally, anyone can help?

Question asked by Qingqing Wu Employee on Jun 27, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2014 by Qingqing Wu

Hi deal all,


I 'm a new user of Code Warrior. The version of my CW is ‘CW for MPC55xx, MPC56xx 2.10’. The configuration of my PC is 64bit WIN7 OS, and I have confirmed that the CW is compatible to my PC. However, there is something wrong that some projects can be opened normally while some other projects can't. It seems that the program was opened as *.txt.  It can be determined that there is no problem with the project/program because it can run normally in one of my colleagues’ PC.

I attached the print screen of both normally project and the abnormally one. Are there anyone can help find what can make this issue and how to deal with it? Looking forward to your reply and many thanks!