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imx53 WinCE7 UART  DMA bug

Question asked by sun ajiang on Jun 26, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2014 by Yuri Muhin


  I'm working on iMX53 SMD board(WinCE7 OS)  and find a UART DMA  bug , I don't know how to fix it and look for help.



  The problem is : When I use UART3 DMA  transmission  mode ,  if the PC send bytes (count number is multiple of 16), the mx53 RX dma chanel doesn't raise any interupt until the rx fifo buffer is full ,this will cause UART's ReadFile operation hang until DMA interupts raised .

  However if I send 1byte or any number of bytes which is not multiple of 16, rx DMA channel works well .


  I have changed the RX DMA channel watermark level to 32, howerver this will cause the 32nd、 64th、...(32*n th) character lost in single transmission if the PC sends more than 32bytes everytime.



  So, Can anyone help to fix this ?? I'd really preciate that, thanks all!

  @Adeneo Engineering Team Qiang Li - Mpu Se