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Can't boot TWR-K60N512 standalone...

Question asked by Ed Sutter on Jun 26, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2014 by Ed Sutter

I've been building a small app on a TWR-K60N512 (includes the serial card) for several days using a Segger JLink programmer connected to the 20-pin debug header.  This has been working just fine.  Now I tried removing the programmer to allow the board to run standalone and it doesn't boot.  I'm not using the JLINK for power (J13/USB does that); so I'm confused.

With JLINK attached, I can power cycle the board and then just run a JLINK script (see below) to restart it and that works fine; so that tells me that the boot flash is properly programmed (doesn't it?).

I noticed that with the JLINK attached, the "RESET" button on the TWR-K60N512 also just locks up the board (I assume it goes to the same "space" as a powerup).  Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?



JLINK reset script:


speed auto