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Can you please tell this  regarding Flexray unified driver with MC9S12XDP512 with MFR4300

Discussion created by Sunil Kumar on Aug 31, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2007 by Sunil Kumar
       we have brought four freescale flexray evalaution boards (MC9S12XDP512) with MFR4300 and with that starter kit we got Flexray unified drivers.But my exact doubt is that the configuration files generated in that Unified driver are from which tool can you please tell me.The files in that are FR_Unified_Cfg.c
and FR_Unified_Cfg.h are generated form which tool ie there are tools like Flexconfig and Decomsys tools for generating flexray configuration files among these which tools are they used in doing that configuration files or did they do it manaually.can you please answer me since i wanted to know this information.waiting for your reply.
Any one who worked on that Unified drivers are any one who is having throretical knowledge on it  or any one please help me in answering  this.
Thanks in adavnce.