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MCF52233 ADC INTERRUPT????????????

Discussion created by Oscar Sanz on Aug 31, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2007 by Oscar Sanz
I'm not able to have ANY kind of ADC interrupt on coldfire MCF52233 processor.
Here is the init code for ADC's:

void ColdfireADCInit( WORD clockDivisor, BYTE interruptEnable )
//GPIO config.
MCF_GPIO_PANPAR  = 0xFF;      //COMO ADC                    
MCF_ADC_CTRL2 = ( clockDivisor & 0x001F );                       
 if( interruptEnable )
 MCF_ADC_CTRL1 = 0x2802;     
 MCF_ADC_CTRL1 = 0x2002;
 MCF_ADC_ADSTAT = 0x1800;

The other interrupt config are ok since i have tested it by forcing these interrupts BY INTFRCHn registers.

Does any of you achieved to have ADC interrupts??? Because most of the examples i found are based on pooling....

Thank's in advance;