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WiFi / Ethernet do not coexist well in Android

Question asked by andreygelman on Jun 25, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2014 by SergioSolis

I see that in both ICS and JB, WiFi and Ethernet cannot coexist.

I have quite figured out the reason: manages kind of policy, where all the network connections are prioritized, so the one with the lower priority is torn down (Ethernet happens to be prioritized over WiFi).

In case the unrequired network is disconnected (e.g. Ethernet cable is pulled out or WiFi is off), the other network is Ok.

But in order to use my device (i.mx6) as an access point, I would like to have them both.

I have tried to merely delete the policy checks from the code, but, at least with JB, it seems to screw the networking altogether.

How can it be done ?