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HOW to configure a GPIO as an interrupt and change the configuration of it using the kernal API's

Question asked by gurucharan on Jun 25, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2014 by gurucharan

Hi All,


I am using i.mx6q-sabresd board.

I want to configure the GPIO(1,2) i.e SABRESD_USR_DEF_RED_LED as in input pin and I want to configure it as an interrupt which should be detected on ACTIVE high or LOW.


The following are the function calls which I used so far.









With these settings I am not getting the expected interrupt.I hace connecetd the correct GPIO pin. and I am reading the value of '0' for gpio_get_value(SABRESD_USR_DEF_RED_LED) and gpio_direction_input(SABRESD_USR_DEF_RED_LED).


Please advice

Thanks in advance