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E02 EEPROM Questions

Question asked by Dave Wills on Jun 24, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2014 by Kerry Zhou



I'm getting ready to use EEPROM on the MKE02Z64VLC2.  I implemented some of the EEPROM example program and have it running.  Clock init is OK, I can erase, write and read.  There is a weird symptom though.  I know there are 256 bytes of 128 sectors of 2 bytes each.  But I cannot erase 128 sectors.  It seems that if I go over 64 the debugger "loses connection" with the ARM and terminates the session.  Any ideas?


The next question is, I've read through the documentation and see nothing about external flash burning tools.  Can the EEPROM be burned directly through external tools?  Can anyone point me to documentation?