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i.MX6Q slow decoding of interlaced h264

Question asked by Dominik Malis on Jun 24, 2014



We've developed custom video player for Android using ffmpeg and stagefright for h264 hw decoding. We are using i.MX6Q SabreSD board with Android 4.2.2 build and 3.0.35 kernel version.


Player is capable to decode 1080p video using stagefright in <1ms per frame. We found that 1080i (interlaced) frames take about 40 - 90 ms to decode, what is not usable. I've tried also other players and no one is capable to play this stream smoothly. You can find capture of a stream in attachment.


Did anybody has same issue? Did you found some solution for it?


Any tips what might be wrong would be very appreciated.


Thank you very much.



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