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Debugger halts in startup

Question asked by Rick Cordray on Jun 22, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2014 by takaoyamada

I'm porting an application from classic Codewarrior to the Eclipse 10.5 version.  I've very carefully compared the settings between the two and they seem identical.  I can successfully compile and link, and can load the program into the target hardware with the P&E USB Multilink where it will run from flash as expected.  I can't get the Codewarrior debugger to run.  My compile/debug configuration is set up to run from flash, and when I start a debug session it appears to load to flash and attempts to start.  It executes the first instruction in the startcf.c program then halts on the next (lea __SP_AFTER_RESET,a7;). with this message:  Thread [ID: 0x0] (Suspended: Signal 'Exception 12' received. Description: Exception vector name: Address Error.)


All the info I've found on this suggests the memory is configured wrong (maybe, but it looks just like the old version, and this configuration does run in flash in the new version), the stack is too small (shouldn't be, but I increased it anyway and it didn't make a difference), or there is some conflict with optimization (optimization is turned off).


What am I missing or what else could be going on?