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Typical Rapid Prototyping Solutions

Question asked by Yasir Siddiqui on Jun 22, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2014 by Arpita Agarwal

Dear all,


I am representing a going-to-be rapid prototyping centre with one of the focusses in developing industrial instrumentation and control products. The centre's building is almost ready and we are in the design phase for the equipment. I have been searching for typical evaluation and development kits from Freescale, TI, Atmel, STMicroelectronics and ended up very confused. The problem is that we are not sure about each and every product's specifications that we are going to develop after inauguration of our centre. Therefore, I need to select a handful of general purpose rapid prototyping solutions. Is there anyone who has gone through the same issue and can guide me in selecting the best and compatible freescale solutions (from TOWER/Freedom development platform etc.).


We don't have local freescale representatives capable of guiding us. There is a distributor who doesn't have technical background and asks for parts no.s. for delivery.