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Problem with CS1

Question asked by Sidnev Maxim on Jun 22, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2014 by TomE

It isn't possible to address to External MRAM Memory on CS1.

I use M523XEVB set

I program in the environment of IAR V1.23 KickStart.


For initialization of CS1 I use a code


  MCF_CS1_CSAR = 0x3000;

  MCF_CS1_CSCR = 0x3d20;



In the lnkm5235EVB_flash.xcl file (the configuration IAR file) I import a line:




As Flash Programmer I use CodeWarrior v6.3 for a configuration of a board I use the standard MCF523xEVB_PnE.cfg file


In the program I address to this area of memory and I have no activity on CS1.