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yocto imx53qsb sdcard image (armel vs armhf)

Question asked by ssinfod on Jun 21, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2014 by davecbluechip

Hello, I followed the instructions from this training (Yocto Training - HOME) to build a Yocto image for my imx53qsb,


The Yocto image I got for the imx53qsb doesn't seem to have the armhf support. (File: core-image-base-imx53qsb.sdcard)

Therfore, any programs compiled for armhf are not working in that image..


Is it possible to add armhf support in the imx53qsb yocto image ?


Do I have to change the the local.conf file or another file ? How do I specify that I want an armhf image ?