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36-bit memory assignment in Codewarrior

Question asked by Min Zhao on Jun 20, 2014
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We designed a target board using p2020 CPU referring to the design of P2020RDB-PC. I must use 36-bit memory map in my target board.

Before I flash uboot to my target board, I tried to flash official 36bit-uboot to the P2020RDB-PC.

I modify relevant memory addresses in P2020RDB-PC_init_sram_flash.tcl, as following:


mem [CCSR 0xc08] = 0x00Fff000

mem [CCSR 0xca8] = 0x00Ff8000

mem [CCSR 0x0] = 0x00Fe0000

reg ${CAM_GROUP}L2MMU_CAM1  = 0x500003CAFC08000FE000000FE0000001

reg ${CAM_GROUP}L2MMU_CAM2  = 0x70000FCAFC08000FFF00000FFF000001

reg ${CAM_GROUP}L2MMU_CAM7  = 0x500003CAFC08000FF800000FF8000001

reg ${SPR_GROUP}HID0 = 0x00004080

reg ${SPR_GROUP}MAS7 = 0x0000000F 


When I debug the initialization file, the console information is as followed:




What mistakes have I made in my .tcl file?

Thanks a lot


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Min Zhao

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