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can ecSPI provide more than 4 chip selects (ss)

Question asked by Robert Correllus on Jun 20, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2014 by Robert Correllus

I have a legacy main board that I am plugging in a custom imx6sl board. I need a single ecspi device that can select 16 different devices on the bus.  My main board has a 4 bit decoder that generates a single chip select for the 16 devices.


1. is it possible to drive a 4-bit binary count out of the ecspi chips selects?

2.  Can I overload a low level device driver to handle 16 spi device calls to one of the spi devices using the 4 chip selects?

3.  I am currently able to run the chip select with a modified Linux kernel driver, but get stuck on address over 3 due to a issue with a "wait_for_completion in the spi_imx_transfer function.  Is it possible to make this work?