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KL05 SPI Last data bit getting skipped, Whats wrong with the code?

Question asked by Amit Kumar on Jun 21, 2014
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I am using codewrrior 10.5. and  MKL05Z32VLF4 uc. I am trying to read a register value, the value is not coming proper. The similar code is working fine with K20 board. The expected value from the sensor is 0xB1 (1011 0001) but the value coming is 0x58 (1011 000) Clearly I am missing he last bit. But I don't know how to resolve this issue.


The following image is of SPI_CLK and SPI_SS



The following image is of SPI_CLK and SPI_MOSI Data being send is 0xE0(read + address) and 0x00 (dummy for receiving data)



The following image is of SPI_CLK and SPI_MISO the expected value is 0xB1(1011 0001) but in terminal I am getting 0x58(1011 000)



I am attaching the code .  Please look into the matter.


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Amit Kumar

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