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want to know About u-boot mounting and SD card detail

Question asked by Jaymin Dabhi on Jun 19, 2014
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What type of SD card used for mounting u-boot, SPL and uImage for my WB Q board ??

particularly which type of can I use ??


Because at first time I used 2 GB scan disk card and then mount SPL, u-boot and uImage as WB give on their website.

That type board start successfully without any problem and get u-boot prompt in minicom via serial.


But actually I stuck now on other issue.


2nd time when I start my board its not boot up.


I make SD card approx 12015 times,

all type of available process and method I use ??

but ........ no u-boot prompt I get.


I use ubuntu 14.04 LTS as host machine and minicom s/w and null cable.

so what the correct method to make SD card please please provide me in detail very soon. ????


and what is requirements for SD card to make it boot able in WB Q board ????


please please reply me very very soon.


Tell me in brief.





Jaymin D