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T4240 Custom Board/CWPA 10.3.3: Could not connect to the requested core

Question asked by Danny Gale on Jun 19, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2014 by lunminliang

We are trying to bring up a custom board with a T4240 on it. We're using the CodeWarrior USB TAP and a vanilla CodeWarrior project on CodeWarrior PA 10.3.3.


We are having issues connecting the debugger to the custom board. We also have a T4240QDS, and can connect the debugger with the same debug configuration to that with no problems.


At the moment, we are receiving the error, "Could not connect to the requested core: core 0". We have already verified that the USB TAP can see the T4240, using "source IDcode.tcl" in the ccs console.


What can cause this problem and what are potential solutions?