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ECSPI 1, CS 1 sf probe issue?

Question asked by John Reep on Jun 19, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2014 by jimmychan


I have a prototype board that has an i.MX6 Quad on it.  Similar to the sabrelite, I have implemented an SPI EEPROM (SST25V chipset) on the ECSPI 1 chip select 1.  I actually have two EEPROMs at both Chip select 0 and Chip Select 1 location. 


I believe I am having a U boot issue but am uncertain as to the configuration mode that I should be in.  When I run "sf probe" in u boot, The output message is:


     "SF: Detected SST25VF016B with page size 256 Bytes, erase size 4 KiB, total 2 MiB"


However, if I try to do an sf probe with any arguments U boot returns the message:


SF: Unsupported flash IDs: manuf 00, jedec 0000, ext_jedec 0000

Failed to initialize SPI flash at 0:1"


I can then run sf probe again and it says the first message where the SST25V is detected. 


As this is a prototype Revision 0 and I have had it for all of 7 days, I thought I was having a hardware issue.  So I have attached my oscilloscope to the SST25V SPI pins.  In doing so I have found something odd and I am hoping someone has seen this and can chime in and say "no, you need to configure u boot to do..." (because I have not quite figured it out yet).


When the "sf probe" command is run by itself, I see all of the SPI signals sending/receiving data, chipselect and the clock.  As soon as I add an argument, I have no activity on the SPI channel.  I have tried doing "sf probe 0:1 1000000 0" which should probe ECSPI channel 1, chip select 1 at 1MHz in Mode 0.  However, I get nothing and have tried many combinations of this and not seen a single activity.


Has anyone seen and/or over come this?   I am certain it is a U boot configuration as the sf probe command does work just fine.


Thank you for the time,