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Qurey about clock descriptions in mx6 RM.

Question asked by Simmis Xu on Jun 18, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2014 by Simmis Xu

Dear guys,

    In mx6Q/D RM, charpter 18.4 System Clocks, there is the clome "clock" in the table.

    For many clock names in this table, like clocks for usduc hclk, ipg_clk_perclk, ipg_clk_s, I can not find any descriptions no matter in RM or in kernel code.

    In my opinion, the name of "hclk", whose root clock is ahb_clk_root , should be "ahb" in kernel code mach-mx6/clock.c.


    I wonder this is RM errors or there are some others deep meanings?


   Currently I want to find out ways of adjusting EMMC clock. I think the clock should be  ipg_clk_perclk, corresponding to usdhc_clock_root. Am I right?