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Wand board not start up 2nd times..SD card issue.... ????

Question asked by Jaymin Dabhi on Jun 18, 2014

Actually problem is that Wand board start once successfully and after that when we want to start up it again it’s not start up……!!!!


I give you brief details so you can get an idea about this strange problem….


At first time when board start up then we use below configurations..


5 v 2 Amp power supply

SPL, uImage and u-boot.img as preferable by Wand Board its self and write it into Micro SD card.

UBUNTU 12.04 LTS OS on host machine.

(Also let me know that we connect cross connection in RS232 DB-9 connector …. Is it ok ??????)

We use minicom software in UBUNTU to see just U-boot prompt and logs of install boot loader.

Also we connect WB with PC using OTG cable (Mini USB) to check the processor and its successfully display it as “ Freescale Semiconductor “.

All working fine with this and let me know you that by using this configuration we start and see U-boot prompt 3 times.


After that I format my SD card and create 2 partitions (for image FS and for root FS) then insert into board.

Then after format SD card and install configuration same as previous.(i.e. U-Boot.img, uImage and SPL)

Now the actual problem occurred when we connect board second time to check U-boot prompt.

This time it’s not start up…………!!!!!!!!!!!


We check and change power supply – OK

We check and change Memory card and write all images and boot loader 2 times – OK

We check mini USB cable and check “ Freescale Semiconductor “ entry – OK

Both LEDs flash – ok

Check USB to RS-232 convertor – OK

Check minicom software – ok

Check all necessary connection and all possibility that we can do.


So, where’s the actually problem ??


What’s its solution ??

How can it happen that start 1st time successfully and 2nd times its not ??

How can fix this issue ??


Reply vey very soon, almost whole work depend on this board so we can’t go forward sue to this…


Also if possible then do some arrangement of contact as per you said in previous mail.


Need help ASAP so we can move forward.




Best regards