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Linking to RTCS problem (MQX 4.1, C++)

Question asked by Michael Wahler on Jun 18, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2014 by Michael Wahler

Hi everyone,


I would like to send and receive UDP (or TCP) packets with a C++ application. Since I have not found any other documentation for the networking API, I am copy-pasting parts of the HTTP server example to my C++ code.


The first problem I am running into is that the linker cannot find ipcfg_init_device. Since this symbol is defined in ipcfg.h, which is part of RTCS, I added rtcs.a in the C/C++ Build Settings->Tool Settings->ARM Ltd Windows GCC C++ Linker->Miscellaneous->Other objects. However, this did not help.


My questions are

  • What is the correct way of linking with RTCS?
  • Are there any good examples for simple TCP/UDP communication with MQX 4.1?


Kind regards