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problem using the flash programmer

Discussion created by fabrice comby on Aug 30, 2007
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I am using a M52233Demo card with  Freescale CodeWarrior IDE version 5.7.0.

When I try to erase flash with the Tools>Flash Programmer Panel, I have the message :
    "PEMicroProtocolPlugin : An error occurred while trying to write memory".

The configuration I use in the Flash Programmer Panel is the following:
    use custom settings    : checked
    target processor          : 5223x
    connection                   : PEMICRO_USB
    use target initialization : unchecked

    target memory buffer address : 0x0 ( default value)
    target memory buffer size        : 0x6000 (default value)
    device                                    : CFM_MCF52233_25MHz
    flash memory base address : 0xffe00000 (default value)

    erase sectors individually : unchecked
    all sectors                         : checked

When I try to debug in RAM, it works. Then, I think the USB driver is correctly installed.

Has anyone an idea?  Perhaps the default value I use are not correct?