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MPX2102 Series Documentation - Pin-out for case 1369????

Question asked by Dennis Pharr on Jun 16, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2014 by Jose Alberto Reyes Morales

Freescale recently discontinued the MPX2102GP (case 344B) sensor which has required a complete redesign of our pressure sensor product.  It appears that the only compatible sensor remaining in the Freescale line for our product is the MPXV2102GP.  Unfortunately, the MPXV is surface-mount which provides no mechanical stability - thus requiring a complete bottom-up mechanical re-design of our product. 


After reviewing the datasheet for the MPX2102 series (Document Number: MPX2102 Rev 9, 01/2012) there does not appear to be a pin-out shown in the documentation for the MPXV2102GP (case 1369).  There is a pin-out shown for case 1302-2 (4 pin), but no pin-out shown for case 1369 (8 pin).  Would it be possible for someone (anyone?) to point me to a current document containing pin-out information for the MPXV2102GP case 1369?


Also, why is it virtually impossible to contact an application engineer with Freescale via telephone?  I've attempted to reach Freescale application engineers in the past several times via telephone and have never been successful. Since we are being forced to completely redesign our product due to Freescale discontinuing a product line, we are seriously evaluating other sensor products at this time.  The lack of Freescale telephone support will be a major factor in our product vendor choice moving forward.