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PDB0 and ADC0

Question asked by Pietro di Castri on Jun 16, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2014 by Pietro di Castri

Good morning


I am trying to configure the PDB0 and ADC0 to work in hardware trigger. I am interested in sampling only two channels, using only ADC0.

I want to assign the Pretrigger 0 to ADC0 without delay, the pretrigger 1 to ADC0 in back to back.

The continuous mode is disabled.

The PDB0 interrupt is fired at 8KHz.

The interrupt of the ADC0 is fired at approx 400 KHz. No synch between the PDB0 and ADC0.

The PDB0 detect a sequence error interrupt.

I do not follow the logic. Attached are the registers for PDB0 and ADC0.

Please ad advice.


Best thanks