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Problem using USB Stack 4.1.1 with K20 120MHz

Question asked by Waqas Butt on Jun 13, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2014 by Waqas Butt

USB Stack is not working with my k20P144M120SF3RM controller. I have used a ULPI with it and i need to use it for high speed communication. I am working on Keil uVision MDK-ARM 5.


The PC reports enumeration failed if I connect my device with it.


I have made the following observations


1. The interrupt routine for high Speed USBHS_ISR() only receives four kinds of interrupts (SOF,Reset,Suspend and Port Change).

2. The function USB_Desc_Get_Descriptor in usb_descriptor.c is never called.

3. No error is reported ever in the interrupt service routine.

4. My device successfully reads and writes to the ULPI Phy. I have checked it by writing the data to USBHS_ULPI_VIEWPORT first and then reading it. The data was correct.

5. I can't identify if Timer_ISR is of any use or not as it is not referenced in the interrupt vector table.


I think that for some reason i am missing the UI interrupt which may be causing this problem.


Kindly Help me diagnose the problem. I have been stuck here for a long time


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