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MK12DN512VLH5 with no FlexMemory - how big are the logical program FLASH blocks (to erase/program them during runtime while the code is always running from this FLASH too)?

Question asked by hexman on Jun 12, 2014
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Hi, I plan to use an MK12DN512VLH5 with 512KB of program FLASH and no FlexMemory. My question is, whether I can use say 16KB of it for firmware (instructions and data always executed from the 16KB portion of the FLASH) and the rest for data logging. K12 Sub-family Reference Manual says:"Read access to one logical program FLASH block is possible while programming or erasing data in the other logical program FLASH block." How big is the logical program FLASH block in the MK12DN512VLH5 in this situation/context? Thank you!