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Code Warrior 5.1 w/P&E USB Multilink Rev. C on Windows 7 (64x)

Question asked by Gary Kercheck on Jun 12, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2014 by Pascal Irrle



I'm trying to support a legacy project on a Windows 7 laptop.  We do maintenance updates to a Coldfire project I'd like to support without going back to my clunky Win XP setup.


So far, I have CodeWarrior 5.1 running very well in Windows 7.  Compiles, links, builds all execute without errors.


My debug module won't connect though.  It's a P&E micro USB Multilink for Coldfire, Rev. C.  As soon as I go to download and debug (green right arrow) I get a "PEMicroProtocolPlugin" error.  It says it can't load "wigglers.dll".


I have this DLL in the proper directory and I've also copied it to the BIN directory and the Windows system directory. 


The blue light on the dongle itself lights up and the debug pod shows up in the Windows device manager profile correctly.   So the disconnect seems to be inside CodeWarrior or where it calls the plugin.


Any ideas?