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Problem about modify the NOR's base address in Codewarrior

Question asked by Min Zhao on Jun 12, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2014 by Min Zhao


We are using p2020rdb-pc booting from NOR. To understand the board deeply I have made some attempts. But I encountered some problems

I want to modify the NOR's base address to 5f000000. So I modify relevant files in codewarrior.

1) In p2020rdb-pc_int_core_tcl

  # LAWBAR0 - Local Bus

  # bit 8 - 31 = 0xFF000000 - base addr

  mem [CCSR 0xc08] = 0x000ff000--------->mem [CCSR 0xc08] = 0x0005f000


# boot from nor gpcm 16 bit boot location (default)

  # CS0 - NOR Flash

  # BR0 base address at 0xFF000000, port size 16 bit, GPCM, DECC disabled

  mem [CCSR 0x5000] = 0xFF001001 ---------> mem [CCSR 0x5000] = 0x5F001001


2) In p2020rdb-pc_int.c

// 16MB TLB1 entry 2 - Local Bus : 0xFF000000 - 0xFFFFFFFF


  lis r5, 0xff00 ---------> lis r5, 0x5f00

  ori r5, r5, 0x000a

  mtspr 626, r5


  lis r5, 0xff00 ---------> lis r5, 0x5f00

  ori r5, r5, 0x003f

  mtspr 627, r5


Then I build the project.

In the target mask,I set the base address in 5f000000. And the u-boot is download to 5ff80000.

But I encountered the problem.




Where is the error?


Best regard,

Min Zhao