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i.MX6 VSALPHA setting with gstreamer

Question asked by Keita Nagashima on Jun 12, 2014
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BSP: Yocto Linux L3.10.17_1.0.0-ga

Refer to "Appendix A mfw_isink Usage" in i.MX 6 Series Yocto Project Multimedia User's Guide, Rev L3.10.17_1.0.0-ga, 05/2014.

Now, I'm  trying to test the "isink defines an environment variable VSALPHA to control the video visibility".

But, I couldn't see the changing of transparency of video image despite I changed the VSALPHA value.



[My command]

$ export VSALPHA=0

$ gst-launch playbin2 uri=file:///home/mount/mp4_mpeg4_aac.mp4 video-sink="mfw_isink  axis-left=400 axis-top=400 disp-width=640 disp-height=480"


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