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PMIC MMPF0100 with 3.3V supply voltage

Question asked by Martin Schad on Jun 12, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2014 by Martin Schad

In our new iMX6 design we want to use the MMPF0100 to control DDR3 supply voltage and CPU/SOC core voltage only,

e.g. we want to use it to generate output voltages below 2.8V only.


3.3V and 5V power rails are generated from a standard power supply because we need much higher output current then the

MMPF0100 can deliver. We will only use SW1A/B, SW1C, SW3, VGEN4 (1.8V) and VGEN5 (2.8V). Other switching regulators

and LDOs will be disabled in our software.

Is it possible to supply the MMPF0100 from 3.3V input voltage rail instead of 4.2V input voltage rail if it is only used to generate

output voltages up to around 1.5V (on switching regulators) and up to 2.8V (on LDOs, e.g. VGEN5) ?


Are their any known issues when using 3.3V input voltage (e.g. output load capability or efficiency) ?


Can we use the MMPF0100F0 version, if we disable unused regulators within boot loader/OS software?


Can you help me with this please?