8.5 to 8.7 PA, now a #pragma doesn't work?

Discussion created by BrendanDoonan on Aug 29, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2007 by Thierry Giraud
I use IBM's Rational Realtime to perform structural coverage analysis on a project built using Codewarrior.  Rational adds instrumentation tags to the source code, unless you tell it not to by encapsulating the code in "#pragma attol stop_analyse" and "#pragma attol start_analyse."  I do this for assembly code and other things that Rational cannot interpret.  Originally the project was done in 8.5, and I had no problems.  Now I want to instrument the same project built for 8.7 Power Architecture, and it doesn't work!  The only thing that has changed in the project is that the path to the command line compiler/linker is different.  With the 8.5 compiler, it works fine, but with 8.7 PA it seems to ignore the "#pragma attol stop_analyse"!  What could have changed between versions that now I am unable to use this #pragma directive?