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ACCERR while trying to partition EEPROM

Question asked by Charles Lehman on Jun 11, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2014 by Charles Lehman

I am trying to partition the EEE memory, but the result is always that the ACCERR flag in FTFL_FSTAT is set and the partitioning does not happen. I'm using FTFL_FCCOB0 = 0x80, FTFL_FCCOB4 = 0x35, FTFL_FCCOB5 = 0x05 and executing the command from RAM as instructed by various sources. The datasheet indicates that several conditions could cause ACCERR to be set. My best guess is that SIM_FCFG1 is reporting 0x39030f00, indicating that some part of the FlexNVM is already configured, but this is a new chip and I have executed the mass erase (FTFL_FCCOB0 = 0x44) several times, and SIM_FCFG1 still reports the same value. I was able to successfully partition one chip earlier in the development process, but I have tried multiple chips and cannot get any of them to partition correctly.

I don't know if this is related or not, but the microcontroller is also doing something else strange. Every time I power cycle it, the program disappears (I can tell by the outputs it is not running) and CodeWarrior tells me the chip has been secured and needs to be erased. When I debug my application, the debugger clearly shows it executing in the FLASH portion of memory (addresses 0x00000400 - 0x00040000) and not RAM.