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camera expansion for iMX6 sabresd ?

Question asked by Abraham Varricatt on Jun 11, 2014
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Hello everyone,


I'm trying to design a custom board around the iMX6 processor. It's meant to capture data from a 2MP camera and stream 720p@30fps. In addition to wifi video streaming, I'm hoping to save the video data to an SD card (in x264 format) and display video on an attached LCD panel.


I've got the iMX6 sabresd development board (RDIMX6SABREBRD: SABRE Board for Smart Devices Based on the i.MX 6 Series: SABRE Board for Smart Devices Based on the i.M…) with me. Does anyone know of any secondary camera boards I could purchase to test the above feature? This is a linux project. Looking online I've found (iMX6 Camera | iMX Camera | 5MP MIPI camera for i.MX6 processor) from eCon systems, but that is an attachment to a different development board.


Yours sincerely,

Abraham V.