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TSI and immunity problems under EN 61000-4-6

Question asked by Luciano Toneguzzo on Jun 11, 2014
Latest reply on May 17, 2017 by Mattia Dell'Oca

Hi all,

I'm developing with kinetis KL family microcontrollers (KL36 and KL46) using TSI for drive a capacitive keyboard built with ITO technology.

The TSI is influenced under the EN 61000-4-6 immunity test and this cause false touch and release events and wrong behaviour.

I'm using TSI with TSS support (TSS version is 3.1.0) and as I said the target have a capacitive keyboard built with ITO technology.


I'm trying some configurations and under EN 61000-4-6 test the best results are setting "AFID key detector"; setting "AFID key detector" the problems with noise injected are partially resolved, but when I remove the noise the TSI don't detect any other touches.


Has anyone had the same problem and can help me?